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Automated Release Management

Test Automation for Salesforce

Your business leverages Salesforce software to improve internal processes and satisfy evolving consumer demands. It’s critical to your DevOps team’s productivity and your sales team’s success that any new Salesforce program runs effectively with minimal bugs. 

Manual code tests catch issues before the code deploys, but they consume developers’ time. Salesforce deployment automation is an opportunity to improve the code testing processes. 

AutoRABIT’s test automation tools integrate seamlessly with Salesforce languages. Our experience and unique Salesforce focus position us as the best source for test automation tools. 

Test Automation for Salesforce DevOps

If you use Salesforce, DevOps practices like testing automation ensure synergy between code development and IT operations teams. Members of each department can focus on using their full skill sets for interdepartmental collaboration while automation handles code testing responsibilities. Automation expertly manages time-consuming testing processes so DevOps teams have time to focus on tasks that improve the Salesforce system. 

With Salesforce test automation, deployments are faster and more successful, leading to higher end-user satisfaction. The automation software will merge existing software test tools with test scripts and test case generation to minimize errors and accelerate deployment cycles. 

Salesforce automation handles three types of code testing: 

  • Unit testing: Ensure code function for each component. 
  • Integration testing: Verify that all components work well together.  
  • Functional testing: Assess how the code works in the Salesforce CRM. 

Benefits of Test Automation for Salesforce Users

Salesforce automated testing can benefit your DevOps team and your business as a whole in numerous ways: 

  • Improve testing efficiency: Testing automation tools work faster than employees, decreasing test times by as much as 75%, leading to cost reductions of up to 25%. 
  • Enhance testing versatility: Your DevOps team can test Salesforce code against all the release environments and browsers they’ll encounter. 
  • Bolster error defenses: Automation software parses through thousands of lines of code quickly and diligently to catch all bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities. 
  • Elevate user satisfaction: Users on both ends of your software will feel more confident that it can accomplish what they want to do without a problem. 

AutoRABIT Test Automation Features

AutoRABIT Salesforce test automation tools include numerous features that ensure smooth code deployment while freeing DevOps workers to focus on new advancements. Your developers will benefit from a comprehensive toolkit for data extraction, reporting, and analysis, as well as test case recording and playback. These features integrate into existing software test tools and procedures like Selenium, Apache JMeter™, Apex, and more. 

Our Salesforce test automation suite will help you implement numerous types of testing, including: 

  • Static analysis 
  • Continuous integration
  • Security testing 
  • User acceptance training 
  • Automated test scripts
  • Reporting

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Your software and staff will achieve peak performance with support from test automation for Salesforce. AutoRABIT is available to develop a custom suite of test automation tools that address your business’s specific needs. We’re ready to show you how our software can make a difference for your organization, so request a demo today for detailed examples of how AutoRABIT can help.