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Automated Release Management

Salesforce DX

AutoRABIT takes your Salesforce DX development processes to the next level. Our automated release management (ARM) capabilities transform Salesforce DX software into a fully functioning DevOps program. Our solutions will augment your Salesforce DX software with the tools it needs to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Produce consistent, quality work while enhancing speed and security with purpose-built solutions from AutoRABIT.

Automated Release Management for Salesforce DX DevOps

Salesforce DX includes various additional tools that extend the program’s capabilities beyond customer relationship management (CRM), making it a useful development tool. These additions boost DevOps efficiency for more frequent deliveries of valuable applications and updates.

Improving the deployment cycle helps developers create services and capabilities that enhance the user experience. Developers will also add new capabilities that help customer-facing team members fulfill customers’ needs and drive sales.

AutoRABIT Automated Release Management takes Salesforce DX improvements a step further with features that enhance the software’s development capabilities. Our solution includes tools that give DevOps teams with Salesforce DX greater control of SFDX deployments. Rather than a convoluted command line, your developers will see their tools through an intuitive graphical interface, and your team will boost deployment speeds through a meticulous CI/CD cycle.

Benefits of Salesforce DX Continuous Integration + Continuous Delivery

Salesforce DX is a powerful tool that becomes even stronger with AutoRABIT’s continuous integration and delivery capabilities. AutoRABIT software operates off-platform, giving us additional flexibility when deploying technology. Our CI/CD toolkit for Salesforce DX will position your developers to improve customer experience (CX) and enhance the sales team’s ability to produce conversions. Choose AutoRABIT to:

  • Foster effective collaboration between developers and administrators. 
  • Develop new applications or update existing ones to improve efficiency and CX. 
  • Integrate DevOps practices into the toolset you already have available. 
  • Adapt to numerous coding languages and file types. 
  • Develop, deploy, monitor, and update releases at a higher rate. 
  • Ensure release stability before deployment. 
  • Implement reliable compliance and data security strategies. 
  • Retain dependable metadata backups.   

Features of AutoRABIT ARM for Salesforce DX

Our ARM toolkit for Salesforce DX streamlines DevOps processes with automated tools like CI/CD. Use our software to integrate DX scratch orgs with other application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms, replace the command line interface (CLI) with a graphical user interphase (GUI), and extend Salesforce DX’s capabilities beyond deployments and Apex testing. 

We include five key elements that make our Salesforce DX ARM such a powerful tool:

  1. Version control 
  2. Testing and development environments 
  3. Open application programming interface (API) integration for tools and integrated development environments (IDEs)
  4. Salesforce’s CLI
  5. Automated application delivery

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Your developers and administrators will deploy efficient, secure software that empowers the sales team to reach new heights when they implement ARM for Salesforce DX CI/CD. AutoRABIT provides tools to push your Salesforce DX platform toward a CI/CD cycle. We encourage you to request a demo to learn how we can tailor a Salesforce DX ARM package to address your business’s DevOps needs.