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Data Loader Pro

If your business uses Salesforce to develop, test, and deploy code, your developers must transfer data across sandboxes. DevOps efficiency relies on the ability to quickly and accurately transfer data while keeping records of changes made along the way. AutoRABIT’s Data Loader Pro automates the functions that require the most precision and time to ensure data continuity at all levels while opening time for DevOps teams to embrace other initiatives.

Data Loader for Salesforce DevOps

As your developers and administrators produce new code or make changes to existing applications, they transfer significant amounts of data between Salesforce Sandboxes. 

At AutoRABIT, we offer a way to expedite the process while improving precision. Data Loader Pro is an agile tool for importing and exporting data within Salesforce. 

This system will empower your DevOps team to move data quickly and track its integrity across the entire lifecycle. Use our data loader tool to transport millions of records of all sizes. Then, test your code and data before deployment to ensure continuity and safety. 

Data Loader Pro will help your team transfer data more efficiently and focus on enhancing the customer experience and driving conversions. 

Benefits of Data Loader Pro

Data Loader Pro automates and simplifies time-consuming and often complicated processes. We tailored our advanced data loader tool for Salesforce to help your business achieve more. Here’s how your DevOps team will benefit from our Salesforce data loader

  • Compliance: Data Loader Pro offers numerous functions that assist compliance, including data masking and data entry randomization. 
  • Security: AutoRABIT’s full DevSecOps suite provides multiple layers of data security to protect your most sensitive information.
  • Versatility: Our data loader tool can transfer millions of records and handle large data sets. 
  • Data integrity: Data Loader Pro will assess data integrity between the source and the destination to ensure consistency and prevent failure. 
  • Accuracy: We automate intricate data transfer processes to quickly catch data set errors that a developer would spend hours to find. 
  • Efficiency: Data sets contain large and ever-growing quantities of information, so automating the data and metadata transfer processes will save your business time and money. 

AutoRABIT Data Loader Features

AutoRABIT’s Salesforce data loader tool empowers developers and administrators to migrate records for faster application development. We include various features that simplify, accelerate, and secure the deployment process. Data Loader Pro offers:

  • Data history tracking: View complete parent-child relationships to ensure data integrity across the entire life cycle. 
  • Manual data migration: Shift items from the source sandbox to a new destination with a few clicks. 
  • Failure reporting: Instantly access a detailed failure report from the data loader operations interface. 
  • User transfer tracking: Use an automatically generated username suffix to track new users added to the destination org. 
  • Several data loading options: Execute numerous functions, including run, stop, edit, delete, log, and schedule. 
  • Migration scheduling: Preplan automatic migrations to maintain a consistent deployment schedule and improve developer efficiency. 
  • Log4j mitigation: Detect and mitigate risk stemming from Salesforce’s Log4j exposure by deploying rules within the VS-Code IDE plug-in. 

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