Why not give a free 30-day trial?

Our trial are not just about product’s look & feel. They are about learning CI through trainings & hands-on sessions which are
best suited through a playground. AR built the playground tool based on our numerous consulting hours spent with new
customers evaluating CI for salesforce. It is an amalgamation of our knowledge & best practises built over years helping our
clients start their journey to CI.

Playground allows us to do help train our customers on how CI for salesforce works, share best practises and provide training
on CI concepts and scnearios.

For example, often we get customers who are at the start of their CI journey and are struggling with, say, Version Control.
A simple product trial would not allow them to see the full benefits of the AR tool as they end up focusing on a smaller
piece of the big CI puzzle. Even if Version Control is their biggest problem now, as they grow and scale operations, they
will start to see CI problems around sandbox mgt. or deployment automation or data migration…problems they do not
see now. Playground helps provide a window to that future.

Do you do PoC (proof of concept)?

Yes, we offer PoC in case playground does meet a client’s evaluation requirements. We charge a flat fee that gets reimbursed
when the product is bought. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

What happens when my playground trial expires?

AR conducts a discovery session at the start of playground which includes understanding the client’s problem & define
goals of the trial session. Through trainings AR helps customers use playground to solve their needs. At the end of
playground trial period, AR evaluates the goals set for playground and next steps are discussed depending on client’s

What features can I use in the playground?

All AR features can be used in playground except test automation factory.

Which tier is best for me – Std, Pro or Ent?

AutoRABIT offers a Maturity model excercise that helps you select the most prudent edition for your needs. Our technical
staff will work with your engineers to understand you technology landscape, release processes & development goals. Feel
free to contact us at

Do not buy a Ferrari if you only need a Toyota.

Can I upgrade to another tier?

Absolutely yes. We understand that needs change and we offer flexibilty in our tier offering.

Please contact us at

I'm only interested in Test Automation?

We offer a stand alone module to address all test automation needs called Test Automation Factory(TAF). TAF is
offered as a starter pack for $5k per year. The starter pack includes 10 free test cases. You can upload a new test
case for $2/test-case/month on AutoRABIT. You can also easily automate each test case for a one time cost
of $25/per-test. Test cases are limited to 5 screens per test case. Further, there is a standard 20% maintenance fee.
Please contact us at to discuss TAF pricing or any other queries.

What is maturity model? Why does it impact my buying decision?

Continuous Delivery is a journey.  It requires changes to your technology landscape, development processes,  release cycles,
people behaviour and so on. For example, if you are struggling with version control issues, do not plan for CI as your target
for next month. And that also means, do not buy an enterprise license right now. We will work with you and help you grow
to achieve CI/CD. here’s a case study for an enterprise CI/CD journey with AutoRABIT. (Please go through this case-study)

Do you offer professional services bundles?

Yes we do. We offer product+proffessional services bundles from Turn-Key bundles to Annual Packs depending on
your requirements. Please contact us at to discuss further on engaging us for your professional services

Are there any resources/users/orgs limits? What happens if I exceed my limits

AR has no data or resource limitations. In fact we have solutions/workarounds to salesforce governor limits conditioned
on client’s requirements and appropriate buisness case.

what is your cancellation policy?

The subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with 1 month notice.

what kind of payments do you accept?

All prices are in USD. We invoice monthly and accept credit cards, bank transfers and of course cash.

are there any implementation fees? Overage fees?

There are no overage fee, however implementations are dependent on your salesforce deployment footprint. We will work
with you to evaluate your implementation needs if any.

Do you offer a refferal discount/benefit?

While we do not have a standard referral program, we typically offer benefits on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales team and we will be happy to work with you to offer referrals discounts.

Can I get more details on the features for each plan?

Please refer to our “compare plan” page for more details.

what 3rd party apps do you integrate with?

AutoRABIT provides integrations with more than 60 tools in the areas of source code mgt, packaging support, deployment,
test automation, code coverage, issue tracking and more. Please contact us at to get the full list

will my data be safe & private

Yes, we are HEPA & SOC1, SOC2 complaint. We do not save metadata only piepline it. Data is stored in your version
control systems, we only connect to it and simlify the process of maintaing it. We do not access your data in any way.
Please contact us for more info at

Do you support circular references?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Can I migrate data from Chatter, Activities, Event history, notes and attachments?

Yes, you can move your sales cloud data like chatter posts, activities, events, notes and attachments.

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