AutoRABIT Salesforce Release Management Webinar at St. Louis

Meet Up Description

Vishnu Datla, Founder and CEO of AutoRABIT, Kevin Gee, Director – Product development and adoption at TechSophy, and Navneeth Rokalla, Regional Sales Manager presented on the Salesforce Release Management Capabilities at Minnesota Salesforce Developer Group to the elite developer groups:

This Webinar discussed:

1. Salesforce Continous Integration Challenges – Vishnu Datla – Founder and CSO, AutoRABIT

2. Maturity Model for Continuous Delivery – Kevin Gee, Director – Product development and adoption, TechSophy

3. AutoRABIT’s features and capabilities: – Navneeth, Sales Head, TechSophy

The features to be discussed in the demo

a. Full sandbox deployments

b. Selective user story promotion to multiple release environments

c. Test Automation Factory concept for

d. Scheduled Version Control back-ups with GIT/SVN/TFS/Perforce, etc.

e. ALM aggregator dashboard

f. Static analysis for Apex and custom Javascript, code coverage and change analysis for sandbox

What Our team provided

Release Management Suite.
Easy to import Demos
More than 1200 Icons at your disposal
Theme Options that provide uniqueness
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