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AutoRABIT participated inMidwest Dreamin’ Midwest Dreamin’ on August 10, 2017. This event was a great opportunity for Salesforce enthusiasts to learn latest Salesforce technologies from renowned industry leaders, and discover some Salesforce tips & tricks that address Salesforce development challenges efficiently.
At this event, Brad Benz – Sales Director for AutoRABIT Inc. and Gautom Bose – VP, Advisory Services at AutoRABIT presented on “The Principals of Principles for Applying Agile and DevOps for Salesforce Development”. This presentation discussed the challenges of implementing Agile and DevOps practices in Salesforce development, and guided enterprises on how to get their teams and stakeholders to appreciate these practices, drive productivity and achieve better ROI.
Essentially, our agenda for the event was to support our customers in their Agile and DevOps journey for Salesforce development and help them catch the boat of success.


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