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AutoRABIT at Dreamforce 2019

We are happy to announce that we are a Groundbreaker and Expedition Sponsor in the Campground and Trailhead areas (respectively) at Dreamforce. Stop by our booth for a demo of our release management tools to help with your Salesforce deployments or fill out the form on the right to set up a time to meet with us.

Learn more about DevOps by attending one of our many breakout or theater sessions:

40-Minute Breakout Session
Session Title: DevOps for QOL (Quality of Life)
Location: Moscone West, Wednesday at 12 pm


When Qantas chose a DevOps solution for their Salesforce practice, their success criteria included delivering better experiences to their users in less time, and with fewer defects. But, as they increased their level of automation, they discovered an additional benefit – the overall morale and job satisfaction of their development and operations teams increased significantly.

This session will explore how Qantas approached automation, the impact of a DevOps strategy to the business, and the positive results realized by their Salesforce DevOps team.

40-Minute Breakout Session
Session Title: 5 things we didn’t anticipate when implementing our DevOps solution
Location: InterContinental, Wednesday at 5 pm


When BCBS of Michigan partnered with AutoRABIT to implement continuous integration/continuous delivery for their Salesforce development practice, they faced the typical challenges of gaining consensus on DevOps practices, as well as internal hand offs and policies. What BCBS of Michigan discovered is that picking a vendor is only the first step in their process.

In this session, the team will walk you through the planning and implementation of AutoRABIT Automated Release Management, outline the unanticipated challenges they faced, and share how they successfully mitigated regulatory, talent, and tools issues to reach a fully automated DevOps process for their Salesforce development teams.

20-Minute Theater Session
Session Title: Back up and Compliance in the Age of Lightning
Location: Moscone West, Tuesday at 3:45 pm


This session will explore the keys to a successful Backup and Restore practice for Salesforce Lightening and how to ensure your data is always audit-ready.

20-Minute Theater Session
Session Title: Leveraging Salesforce Ecosystem Partners for Growth
Location: Moscone South T4, Wednesday at 1 pm


This session will outline how any company can use partner providers to maximize their development efforts and improve the time to market of new customer experiences.

20-Minute Theater Session
Session Title: 4 Key Elements of Building a Learning Community
Location: Moscone South T1, Thursday at 3 pm


In order for any solution provider to be successful in the Salesforce ecosystem, they must find ways to build a community for their users that includes opportunities for self-paced learning and certification. In this session, Cameron will outline the key considerations and steps used when designing and creating DevOps Central – AutoRABIT’s online community for education, certification, and managing a Salesforce DevOps practice.


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