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Level 0 Beginner – Level 1 Intermediate – Level 2 Professional – Level 3 Expert – Level 4
Sandbox Management Manual or No Process in Place.
  • Sandbox plan from Dev. To Prod
  •  Utilizing at least 1 sandbox for development
  • Processes for Sandbox migration / Refresh, Redeploy, Roll back etc.
  • Branching Model Set up for Sandbox
  • Profile comparison between environments
  • Scheduled Production Backups
  • Environment provisioning
  • No Direct Access to Release environments.
  • Real time and scheduled environment sync
  • 1-click Environment set up [ Data + Metadata ]
  • On-the-fly feature Sandboxes from ALM

Version Control

(Getting changes into repository and moved between branches)

  • Version control tools utilized
  • Developers check-in code / configuration changes to Version Control
  • Push button builds from Version Control
  • On-Commit builds
  • Tag Metadata to User Stories at the time of check-in
  • Code Compliance checks.
  • Branching strategy and merge.
  • Pre-Commit Validations for Apex class compilations, Code Coverage etc.
  • Cherry-pick [ Merge] completed user stories to release branches
  • Gated Check-ins and Code reviews
  • Automated Release Tagging
  • Synch with ALM Tools
  • Merge with conflict resolution


(Deploying Code to various SFDC environments)

  • Audit Deployments
  • Push Button Deployments – (Manual/Selective Deployments using Release labels)
  • CI jobs to deploy to any environment
  • Automated Profile Deployments
  • CI Jobs for Downstream sync from Prod to UAT to Dev boxes
  • Automated deployments on User Story status (defined by label, manual QA pass)
  • Scripts to automate Pre-Post Deployment Steps
  • Automated/Continuous deployment from Dev-> Preproduction environments
  • Automated Code Promotion to Prod.
  • Fully automated real-time deployments
  • Push button Roll Back – for both manual/selective deployments and Automated CI deployments
Data Migration
  • Data Migration Plan with Key Objects for Sandbox environment set up
  • Push Button Data Migration for Key Objects and relationships
  • Handle Circular References
  • Automated de-duplication and masking
  • Push button environment data setup
  • Incremental Data Migration from production to sandboxes.
  • Real time Data Sync of Production Orgs (as needed only)
  • Full Org Data Back-up and restore
  • Parallel processing
  • 80% Automated Unit Testing – (Using Test Automation Factory)
  • 75% SFDC Code Coverage Manual regression testing.
  • Entry/ Exit criteria definitions at each release phase
  • Automated Functional Tests [ Suite Validation ]
  • 70% of Regression testing automated.
  • 80% + Code Coverage
  • Zero P1 violations in Static Code Analysis
  • 80%+ Automated Acceptance, Regression and Functional Testing
  • Defect Creation on Test Failure
  • Test bed set up for regression testing for Salesforce releases
  • Performance and Security Testing
  • Continuous and real-time check on code quality
  • Optimal test execution based on modification set.
  • Build/ Deploy notification reports
  • Test Result notifications
  • Nightly Code-Coverage, Static Code Analysis Reports
  • CI Adoption Reports
  • Trend based reporting
  • Alerts for violation of test metric thresholds
  • Predictive Analytics for failure reporting
  • Real Time Dashboard of Key CI Metrics
Level 0 Beginner – Level 1 Intermediate – Level 2 Professional – Level 3 Expert – Level 4
People Manual or No Process in Place. Work In Silo’s and are dependant on each other. Communications not structured and adhoc. Have improved communications but dependance is high on each other. Improvedusage of tools. Focus on process improvement and collaborations. Measured and reduction of iterations by cross functional teams. Fully cross functional teams releasing continuously.
Process Moving away from Manual Repeatable Automated One click
Technology Legacy and locked in archaic hardware/software stack Best Of Breed Simple Tech Loosely Coupled
Delivery Focus Timed and infrequent. Large runway. Regular with interim milestone builds On Demand Hypothesis based
Result Planned Releases though duration is more than what the Business Requires Regular Releases though still not available to Business Needs Software is release ready and is keeping up with business demands Continuous Deployment : A state where Business can experinment and try to innovate/explore