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nCino Salesforce Banking & Financial Services | nCino vs Salesforce

Banking + Financial Services

Banks require DevSecOps solutions that enable digital
transformation for their customers while shielding against data breaches.

Integrating nCino and Salesforce with AutoRABIT DevOps

The banking and financial services industry has embraced the need for digital transformation. Led by consumer banking, other segments in banking are recognizing the benefits of going digital.

All these changes are creating expectations that application providers, developers and IT administrators can deliver enhancements, upgrades, and new features almost instantly with minimal disruption and flawless operation.

Cloud-based DevOps has emerged as the leading approach for fast-tracking the delivery of quality software and deploying it on the fly. DevOps is essentially a set of processes that combines software development (Dev) and IT (Ops) to shorten the system development life cycle and provide continuous integration and continuous delivery with close to zero defects.

AutoRABIT specializes in Salesforce DevOps in banking. We leverage our flexible capabilities in partnership with nCino to deliver powerful Salesforce banking solutions.

nCino Salesforce Banking & Financial Services | nCino vs Salesforce

Salesforce Banking Solutions: AutoRABIT Has Partnered With nCino to Address the Banking + Financial Services Industry

As a leading solution provider of cloud-based core banking solutions nCino has included DevOps as one of their key pillars to deliver agility and quality. The AutoRABIT DevOps platform also has the ability to help nCino integrate with the most widely used software development tools like version control and automated testing in a seamless process.

nCino delivers innovative, cloud-based core banking and other related solutions for the banking industry formulated as managed packages on the Salesforce platform. As a provider of purpose-built Salesforce DevOps solutions, AutoRABIT simplifies the process of moving data and migrating configurations to prepare applications to meet specific banking customer needs.

AutoRABIT delivers simple yet powerful capabilities that allow business analysts and non-technical staff to initiate and complete pre-mapped data migrations and provisioning of banking feature applications. Examples of these features are functions like loan origination, small business loan processing, treasury functions etc. Developers can deploy these applications with literally a single click.purpose-built Salesforce DevOps solutions

AutoRABIT delivers a Unique Approach to Simplifying Record-Based Feature Migration

The AutoRABIT platform is not restricted by constructs that Salesforce-native applications have. This provides the flexibility of integrating with best-in-class development tools such as version control, planning and test automation.

AutoRABIT has introduced integration with version control that allows configurations from multiple development sandboxes as it commits new code to be merged in AutoRABIT for nCino module and deployed to a nCino production instance.

nCino Salesforce Banking Solutions | nCino vs Salesforce

Org to Org Deployment using
Feature template

For more information on AutoRABIT’s DevOps
capabilities with nCino.

Why You Need Salesforce DevOps for Finance and Banking

Salesforce is a high-level platform you can use to implement DevOps strategies and tools in the financial industry. DevOps will position your business within a reliable, consistent development infrastructure that facilitates the fast deployment of pertinent applications. Here are a few ways DevOps can help your financial institution reach new heights: 

  • Enhance data security: Digital banking’s prominence also raises virtual risk. DevOps integrates security tools that bolster your applications against cyber criminals pursuing your customers’ data. 
  • Elevate customer satisfaction: Seamless online and mobile banking applications are par for the course in today’s financial landscape. DevOps will help you develop and deploy applications that meet the market’s demand while gathering data your developers can use to improve the program. 
  • Raise deployment efficiency: DevOps empowers developers to build and release applications quicker and with fewer bugs. Our Salesforce platform includes automation tools that expedite delicate processes and reduce errors to minimize time spent backtracking. 
  • Overcome industry challenges: Fintech companies drive substantial technological improvements, and our DevOps tools can keep your business competitive. 
  • Foster staff unity: DevOps facilitates collaboration across departments as administrators, developers, and sellers work together at different points of the customer journey. Developers and administrators will operate within a consistent interface, making collaboration and troubleshooting easier. 
  • Reduce operational expenses: Automation and collaboration drive efficiency. Your DevOps solution will empower your developers to accomplish more in less time for low costs and a quick return on investment. 

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nCino Salesforce integration and AutoRABIT DevOps combine to produce elite release management tools for the financial sector. Our innovative toolkit prepares your business to succeed in a market increasingly influenced by technology, so schedule a demo to see our products in action.