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How Secure is Your Salesforce Org? Identifying and Prioritizing Your Blindspots

Salesforce data leaks cost organizations anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $15 million. A seemingly innocuous vulnerability can lead to compromised environments, loss of consumer trust, and falling out of compliance with data security regulations. 

When was the last time you analyzed your data security approach? How confident are you in its efficacy? 

Join Zak Taylor, Enterprise Account Executive at AutoRABIT, Daniel Stange, Technical Architect/CTO at Die Interaktiven, and Andrew Cook of Salesforce Ben on July 11th at 11am CT/5pm BST to learn more about how intentional planning and automated tools can save you time, money, and consumer confidence. 

The webinar will discuss these important considerations: 

  • Your role in Salesforce data security 
  • Frequent sources of data leaks 
  • Tips, tools, and processes to prevent these issues 


  • Zak TaylorEnterprise Account Executive, AutoRABIT
  • Andrew Cook: Salesforce Ben 
  • Daniel Stange: Technical Architect/CTO, Die Interaktiven