Will I experience any down-time with AutoRABIT?

No, there won’t be any downtime. We have the same uptime as the industry best cloud platforms, which is 99.9%

As an Admin, how can I assign specific roles and user permissions to the developers and testers in AutoRABIT?

Admin can create custom roles and assign permissions to the team members. A user’s view of AutoRABIT is based on the role he is assigned. A user can have a single or multiple roles.

How do I create a support ticket in AutoRABIT?

You can create a ticket by clicking on the ‘Log a Ticket’ button on AutoRABIT’s home page.

Can AutoRABIT be hosted on our private cloud?

Yes. We support set up, configuration and provisioning of AutoRABIT on your dedicated cloud, if it is an enterprise licensing model.

Why do I need AutoRABIT??

AutoRABIT helps Salesforce teams with end-to-end release automation. If you are building apps on platform, and there is a lot of manual effort involved in releasing your software, AutoRABIT is the right tool for you.

How many Projects, Builds, and Builds per Project are we allowed to create? Are there any limits applicable to Salesforce orgs, and sandboxes?

No, there are no limits on the number of Projects, Builds, Salesforce Orgs, etc.

Where is AutoRABIT hosted?

AutoRABIT is a SaaS model, hosted on Amazon cloud.

How are SFDC limitations handled? `{`Payload error due to OWD calculations, Person Account, Fatal Error issues happening due to Sharing Calculations, etc.`}`

AutoRABIT has the same limitations as Salesforce. SFDC limitations cannot be handled.

Do you allow security review of AutoRABIT from third-party?

It can be done based on a request and planned schedule as per the ‘Fair Use Policy’ of the third-party reviews. We can share the “Fair Use Policy” as required.

Which version control systems does AutoRABIT support?

AutoRABIT supports all major version control systems, including Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, CollabNet, or enterprise hosted repositories.

What are the pre-requisites before configuring a project in AutoRABIT?

Pre-requisites for configuring a new project:

1. Plug-ins and sandboxes should have been registered with AutoRABIT.
2. You should have a permission to create a project using AutoRABIT.

Does exceeding the 400MB/10,000Files limit affect Sync SF Orgs in any way?

Yes this would affect the Sync SFOrg, in case of large sets of metadata. It is recommended that we do it in  batches.

How are release changes handled?

By storing the release changes artifacts in FTP, you can move them to a different sandbox when required.

Does AutoRABIT cover merging of code change from Sandbox to mainline?

Merging of code changes from Sandbox to mainline is possible using AutoRABIT.

Can I compare code between two SF Orgs before deploying?

Yes, after you have selected the metadata types to be deployed, you can compare the orgs, and view the code level differences.

Will AutoRABIT take care of FLS and other settings related to configuration during deployment?

Yes, AutoRABIT supports FLS, while retrieving fields, the particular field level security will come with profiles.

Is Deployment rollback supported by AutoRABIT?

Yes, rollbacks are supported by AutoRABIT. This enables the destination org to go back to its earlier state.

Does the metadata history include only changes that are migrated using AutoRABIT?

Yes, the metadata history includes only the changes that are migrated using AutoRABIT.

Is it possible to do custom promotion?

Yes. Custom Promotion enables you to promote only selected components of a build.

Do you support Profile & Permission set deployments?

Yes, AutoRABIT supports profile and permission set deployments

How is Data Loader Pro different from the traditional data loader provided by Salesforce?

Data Migrator is a solution which helps you migrate test data quickly between previous Salesforce organizations. Just define the data templates declaratively, and we will migrate the test data to the target  Salesforce org. The migration maintains the parents-child relationships and automatically deduces the parent records to move.

Does data loader support parent-child relationship?

AutoRABIT preserves the parent-child relationship of metadata and can now migrate data with multiple look-ups between objects.

Do you support circular references?

Yes, AutoRABIT has in-built intelligence to support complex circular references.

Can I migrate data from Chatter, Activities, Event history, notes and attachments?

Yes, you can move your sales cloud data like chatter posts, activities, events, notes and attachments.

Are automation scripts done only by capturing the application like QTP?

No, other open source frameworks like Selenium can be used.

Is it possible to automate profile testing?

Yes, as test data is separated, the same test can be executed with the user being assigned a different profile.

Does AutoRABIT support Performance Testing?

Yes. AutoRABIT supports Performance Testing for applications with various tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, etc. But, Salesforce does not encourage teams to run performance tests themselves; they need the performance test plan to be submitted before we can test.

If we don’t have any tool, can AutoRABIT provide the automated testing functionality or the framework?

Yes, AutoRABAIT provides the automated testing functionality through the TAF (Test Automation Framework)Module.

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