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DevOps: What is it and why should you pay attention?

What is it?

DevOPs is a buzz word that is so often tossed around within the software development industry. However, very few people understand what this concept means and the implications that it has on the way software is developed. So, what is DevOps? In simple terms, DevOps is the practice of integrating operations and development teams to improve collaboration and productivity throughout the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. The keyword in that definition is practice. It is important to note that DevOps is not a tool but a culture; a mindset. It is the collaboration between development teams and operations teams that ensures that an organization can deliver applications and services at high velocity. The goal of a DevOps practice is to enhance a business’ ability to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Why should you pay attention?

IT-enabled innovation is a competitive differentiator for almost all types and sizes of organization. The aim of DevOps is to break down the silos that separate Developer teams and Operations teams so that there is better collaboration between both. Companies that successfully incorporate DevOps into their operations typically win in the marketplace. For this article, let’s consider three key ways that a company wins:

  1. When you think of DevOps, think strategic initiative. When executed correctly, DevOps can help to drive business growth and build value for all stakeholders. It does this by enabling companies realize significant benefits in the three components of ROI. These include reduced costs, enhanced productivity and faster time to revenue.
  2. Furthermore, imbibing a DevOps practice can help organizations to increase agility in delivering IT systems, and improve time to market. The ability to deliver software rapidly lends competitive advantage.
  3. Finally, DevOps ensures that businesses can focus on automating the entire development process. The impact of this is that organizations can develop and run software reliably and cost effectively.

Our verdict

At AutoRABIT, we believe that DevOps is the future and we are excited about adoption success stories across various industries. For example, within the financial industry, Capital One is a shining example of DevOps done right. It is not secret that customers demand streamlined, fast and smart banking services. In response, Capital One uses data, technology, and data science to form their strategy, in designing financial products that are based on things like lifestyle and customer need. For Capital One, banking needed to be real-time, intuitive, intelligent and anticipatory of customer needs. Having had a successful Agile practice, DevOps was the natural next step in their strategy for channeling data and intelligence in terms of understanding the customer and anticipating their needs. Read more about how Capital One is using DevOps here.


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