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Automated Release Management

More Deployments. Shorter Lead Times.
Accelerate Delivery of Business Innovation.

Total Automation for your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline

Automated Release Management Tools for Salesforce

Automated Release Management (ARM) automates the entire Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. With increased automation, your company can increase deployments, reduce lead times, and accelerate  innovation.

ARM integrates directly with messaging applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide immediate notifications of updates and changes to your Salesforce pipeline. An integration with Hashicorp Vault enables ARM users to further manage and protect sensitive data.  

AutoRABIT can help you through the Salesforce release management process. We deliver fast and scalable CI/CD solutions to support growing companies and complex, multiorganization projects. Our platform also supports regulatory compliance, risk management, and data security.

What Is Salesforce Release Management?

Release management is a process that involves managing plans, schedules, and controls for software builds at every development stage and environment. It also includes testing and deploying software releases. ARM is critical to the software development process because it resolves problems regarding how and when to release updates.

Deployment is typically the responsibility of the DevOps team. Release management helps DevOps by managing applications, their components, and the promotion schedule. Release management tools manage software releases in time with DevOps deployment schedules and provide critical data for DevOps.

Benefits of Automated Release Management

Using automated release management for Salesforce is critical to your DevOps strategy. ARM offers these benefits through the application development pipeline:

  • Increased return on investment (ROI): Streamlining the development pipeline maximizes returns. ARM facilitates more testing to fix errors early when it is less costly and time-consuming.
  • High release velocity: With release management tools, your DevOps team can produce applications and updates faster, enabling more releases each year. Automated processes enhance productivity by reducing slow, error-prone, manual processes.
  • Consistent releases: Consistency is a critical benchmark—it leads to trustworthiness with customers. Salesforce automated management helps the DevOps pipeline produce high-quality releases every time. Reliable products stand out in the market, and your customers will trust you to share error-free releases every time.
  • Reduced errors: Software development can be hindered by bugs and errors, and correcting these mistakes before they go to the end user is critical. Automation catches these problems, resulting in quality applications and satisfied customers.

Salesforce Release Management Tools

AutoRABIT supports release managers, admins, analysts, and developers with release management for Salesforce. Our capabilities are ready to use and enable high release velocity to improve the time to market.

Deployment Automation

With our release management solution for Salesforce, you can automate your deployment management. This capability allows you to transfer functionalities in any Salesforce org quickly and safely. AutoRABIT supports Deployment Automation for these deployment types:

  • Deployments with AutoRABIT builds
  • Sandbox-to-sandbox deployments
  • Deployments using the Version Control Revision Number

With Deployment Automation, your organization can:

  • Transfer components like validation rules and apex codes from development to live production.
  • Deploy changes from the Salesforce org or version control system.
  • Use one-click deployment to send metadata changes to multiple environments.
  • Save time by setting quality gate standards for auto-approvals. 
  • Automatically merge code changes to multiple branches. 

Test Automation

The Test Automation release management tool for Salesforce integrates your existing software tools with test scripts and test case generation. This construction breaks down silos between the testing and development teams to promote collaboration on test scripts. Your company can also manage test cases to lower errors and cycle times.

Features of Test Automation include:

  • Reduced test time and costs.
  • Auto-generated test scenarios for multiple release environments and browsers.
  • More visibility into class coverage, test coverage and Apex Test Execution reports.

Data Loader Pro - Salesforce Automated Management

Data Loader Pro is a tool in Salesforce automated management for importing and exporting data between flat files and databases. Metadata Mastery™ by AutoRABIT supports full-featured data migration. You can transfer millions of records to different environments, including complex records. This capability allows developers and administrators to build, migrate, and test throughout the release cycle.

Features of Data Loader Pro include:

  • Verifying data integrity between its source and destination.
  • Scheduling processes and migrations on an as-needed basis.
  • Viewing and maintaining data history and failure reports for Data Loader operations.

Version Control

AutoRABIT DevOps release management supports Version Control out of the box. Release managers, analysts, admins, and Salesforce developers can complete testing, sandbox management, and data loading faster for higher release velocity and improved time to market.

The Version Control system has Auto-Commit capabilities for changes. Automated Version Control eliminates errors when transferring changes from the org to the Version Control system.

With Version Control, your team can:

  • Speed up integrations with Auto-Commit rules.
  • Use metadata for committing, merging, and identifying code.
  • Merge and manage branches of code from several developers.

Sandbox Management

Sandbox Management synchronizes releases in several sandboxes, including those in different geographies. It evaluates the changes after each cycle for easy automated release comparisons and simple version management.

Features of our Sandbox Management capability include:

  • Automated scheduled backups.
  • Instance comparison to remove redundant data.
  • Access to reports and logs describing warnings, deployment, and destructive changes.

AutoRABIT Salesforce DX

AutoRABIT Salesforce DX includes tools and processes for DevOps teams using the Salesforce DX platform. This suite supports the platform’s configuration, building, and releasing methods and works with other agencies for building, testing, and managing deployments. Our Metadata Mastery™ tool uses processes and software to enable continuous delivery for development.

AutoRABIT Salesforce DX allows DevOps teams to:

  • Deliver a graphic interface instead of the command line interface for easier use.
  • Leverage AutoRABIT to use Agile and DevOps best practices for Salesforce DX.
  • Use DX for purposes other than Apex testing and deployment.

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AutoRABIT is dedicated to helping Salesforce development teams produce higher-quality work while maintaining security and reducing time to market. Our automated release management product helps customers automate their Salesforce CI/CD pipeline to enable faster deployments with shorter lead times. Our capabilities for DevOps release management are some of the best solutions available for Salesforce.

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