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Automated Release Management

More Deployments. Shorter Lead Times.
Accelerate Delivery of Business Innovation.

Total Automation for your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline

Speed is of the Essence, and so is Scale.

AutoRABIT, the creator of Metadata Mastery™, delivers Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for Salesforce.

AutoRABIT delivers the fastest CI/CD solution for Salesforce that can scale with growing teams and handle the complexity of coordinating across multiple Salesforce orgs. AutoRABIT is built for Salesforce with guaranteed success for deployment and built in support for security, risk and compliance management.

Automated Release Management Capabilities

AutoRABIT helps Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers with ready-to-use version control, deployment, testing, data loading and sandbox management. With AutoRABIT, teams can achieve higher release velocity and substantially improve time to market.


Best Automated DevOps Solution
for Salesforce

Deployment Automation
  • Deliver a structured release process for Salesforce
  • Deploy directly from your Salesforce Org, Version Control System
  • Eliminate deployment failures with automatic org profile validation
Test Automation
  • Test Automation Framework for Salesforce – reduces time and cost
  • Integration with most existing test tools - Selenium, JMeter
  • Quick feedback for testers and developers ensuring high code quality
Data Loader Pro
  • Full-featured data migration for Salesforce – eliminates complexity
  • Robust enough to handle transfer of millions of records
  • Ensure data integrity between source and destination environments
Version Control
  • Manage and merge branches of code from multiple developers
  • Leverage Metadata to identify, merge and commit code across orgs
  • Speed up integrations with pre-defined auto-commit rules
Sandbox Management
  • Easily synchronize releases across geographically disparate sandboxes
  • Schedule sandbox backup and manage data to remove redundancies
  • Comprehensive logs and reports related to deployments and changes
AutoRABIT Salesforce DX
  • Enhance the Salesforce DX experience sandboxes
  • Easy graphical interface as an alternative to the command line interface
  • Extends DX capabilities beyond deployments and Apex testing
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