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Vault Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

Protect Your Salesforce Data. Meet Compliance Goals. Remain Secure.

Dependable and Flexible Backups, Archiving, and Recovery for Your Salesforce Data

General purpose data recovery solutions will not restore metadata. Recovered files must be manually combined in a long and tedious process that still does not restore the full Salesforce experience. AutoRABIT Vault helps you remain compliant while protecting your Salesforce data.

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Robust & Reliable

  • Quickly push changes from the dev sandbox all the way to production without errors. AutoRABIT makes you a DevOps pro without having to code.
  • Deploy without needing changesets and check deployment results before actually deploying. Keep environments in sync without finding dependencies or sandbox refreshes.
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Backup & Recover

  • Back up and instantly recover file attachments, metadata, chatter feeds, knowledge articles, and everything else needed to reinstate the complete Salesforce experience.
  • AutoRABIT Vault maintains hierarchical data integrity.
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Meet Compliance Needs

  • Powerful tools and customizable settings meet IT policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Fastest RTO (Recovery Time Objective) in the industry—backup in 5-minute intervals.


salesforce backup and recovery software

Percentage of Enterprises whose cloud data recovery resulted in failure to restore


Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Percentage of Enterprises who needed to restore data they lost from Cloud Applications


Vault Backup &
Recovery Capabilities

Fully Automated Cloud Backup
  • Preserve standard and custom Salesforce objects
  • Maintain relationships in backup
  • Files, attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles, and custom data sets included
  • Unlimited daily backups with the ability to pinpoint recent changes
Compare Instance Snapshots, Data, and Metadata in a Singular View
  • Significantly reduce recovery time
  • Visual interface to track and identify changes to data and metadata over time
  • Compare backup snapshots with live Salesforce data
  • Control granularity to entire org or individual objects
Recover Everything
  • Recover data, metadata, attachments, and more
  • Easily rollback the entire org
  • Maintain parent, child, junction, and other relationships
  • Field level, object level, and record level data can be requested from multiple points within the snapshots
Simply Replicate Data and Metadata
  • Easily select data sets for testing scripts, code, rules, and reports
  • Customize the test data for your sandbox
  • Automatically detect data object relationships
  • Mask production data during tests
Meet Compliance and IT Governance Requirements
  • Addresses ISO 27001 and NIST backup and recovery standards for IT
  • Supports industry-specific regulations for Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Utilities, and many other industries
  • Supports right for PII to be forgotten and meets GDPR requirements
Emphasize Information Security and Privacy StandardsEmphasize Information Security and Privacy Standards
  • Support for customer-owned encryption keys
  • Field encryption support.
  • SSO and multi-factor authentication support
  • Integration with Salesforce Shield

10 REASONS You need AutoRABIT Vault

 AutoRABIT Vault protects Salesforce data and satisfies compliance goals with reliable backups, built-in archiving, and flexible recovery.
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