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AutoRABIT Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
Version Control
Support for GIT, SVN, TFS, Perforce, Mercurial and more yes yes yes
Create/Deploy Releases – Grouping Check-ins yes yes yes
Support for setting up repositories, branches and pull-requests yes yes yes
Scheduled back-up of Sandbox metadata into VC yes yes yes
Check-in Editor to GIT/ SVN/ TFS/ Perforce and more yes yes yes
Gated Check-ins and Code reviews yes yes
Repository baseline with Production Metadata yes yes
Merge editor – allows full branch merges, and single or multiple revisions to a branch, and resolves code conflicts yes
Automated Merge Trigger – on successful deployment yes
Promote approved user stories with Release Labels yes
Sandbox Management
OAuth 2.0 support yes yes yes
Know “Who Changed What” with Metadata Audit yes yes yes
Org comparison and diff reports yes yes yes
Sandbox Data Clean Up yes yes yes
Export the differences for the code-review yes yes
Schedule APEX Test Classes in Sandbox Management yes
Scheduled FULL backup of your Sandboxes for metadata and data yes
CI Deployments
Selective Apex Test Execution yes yes yes
Run Selenium automated tests on CI deployments yes yes yes
Code Coverage & Test Coverage yes yes yes
CI Deployments from Sandbox to Sandbox and Version Control to Sandboxes yes yes
Pre & post deployment step automation yes yes
Static Code Analysis yes yes
AutoCheck-In (Trigger CI Deployments on Code Check-in) yes
AutoDeploy (Scheduled CI Deployments from Sandbox to Sandbox and VC to Sandbox) – webHook support yes
Back-up and Rollback for CI Jobs yes
AutoRABIT platform (CI Server) yes yes
Selective Deployments
Hand-picked metadata deployments between Sandbox- Sandbox yes yes yes
Hand-picked metadata deployments – Version Control to Sandbox yes yes yes
Deployment History yes yes yes
Support for Full Profile/ Permission Set Deployments yes yes yes
Compare and Deploy from local Zip file yes yes
Code Comparison and Review before the Deployment yes yes
Validate and promote a deployment to multiple Sandboxes yes yes
Back-up and Rollback for selective deployments yes yes
Hand-picked metadata deployments – CI Build to sandbox yes
Profile Manager – Design, Update and Deploy profiles yes
Complete Sandbox-Sandbox Merge yes
Side-by-side comparison report for Sandboxes yes
Dataloader Pro
Standard Data Loader operations on single object yes yes yes
Data Loader with parent-child relationships up to 100 records of master object yes yes yes
Data Loader with parent-child relationships with large data yes yes
Schedule support for Data Loading operations yes yes
Incremental Data Migration yes yes
Data Masking for selected Data Types during data migration yes
Integrate Data Loader process to set up test data as part of Continuous Integration jobs yes
Integration with Test Automation Factory for test case generation yes
ALM Integration
Integration with ALM Tools – Jira, VersionOne, Rally, Agile Accelerator, HP ALM, IBM RTC yes yes
Update ALM user stories with check-ins yes
Deployments based on ALM story status yes
Test Automation Factory On Demand On Demand Included
Integration with Test Tools – Selenium, HP QC, Provar yes yes
Browser Support for Test Automation [IE/Safari/Chrome/Firefox] yes yes
Mobile Device Support for Test Automation yes yes
Select/Run chosen Apex/Selenium Tests on multiple Sandboxes yes yes
Run regression tests on CI Deployment yes
Support for multiple data sets in test execution yes
TAF Module with record-playback support yes
Role-based access yes yes
Account / User management yes
Audit Trail Log yes
Insert Defects to Test Case Management Tool from Regression Test failures yes
Environment / Branch Level Permissions yes
Complete difference reports of Sandboxes including the differences between all profiles and permission sets yes
Audit of various operations performed through AutoRABIT on various Sandboxes yes
Complete list of deployed components through AutoRABIT with filters yes yes
Integrated CI Dashboard with regression test results yes yes
Feature-wise usage reports yes yes
Scheduled Weekly Reports of the Sandbox differences in email yes
Scheduled CI progress reports in the email yes
IDE Integration
Connect AutoRABIT, VC and Salesforce Orgs seamlessly yes
Pre and Post commit validations yes
Provision to connect to Salesforce Org and fetch specific metadata to work with in IDE yes
Resource Restrictions
Agents (schedule jobs – CI, Deployments, Data Loading, Testing) – per day 4 20 Unlimited
Number of Sandboxes 10 20 Unlimited

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