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Data Backup and Recovery

Business Continuity Planning is About Minimizing Risk

Data loss in Salesforce can happen for many reasons: code errors, human error, data migration errors, integration errors, and malicious intent. Whatever the cause, losing customer data can have a devastating effect on your business. Imagine the impact of accidentally deleting 50% of your leads from a production Salesforce instance. A disaster like that might bring your company to a standstill, or worse. According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster, and a further 25% fail after the first year. 

You can’t predict whether your business will suffer from Salesforce data loss. But you can prepare for it.

A business continuity plan provides a roadmap for your business to follow after a disaster event. The plan identifies the steps you need to take to get business operations up and running again, with minimal or no downtime and data loss. Without a business continuity plan, the recovery of your business after a disaster is left to chance.

A critical component of any business continuity plan for a SaaS application like Salesforce is the ability to backup and restore customer data in a timely manner. We recommend taking regular backups of Salesforce data. This lets you choose which backup to restore after a disaster. Your recovery point objective (RPO) dictates the frequency of Salesforce backups. RPO is a measure of your business’s tolerance for data loss. It’s the point in time after which lost data significantly disrupts your business. 

Restoring data from a backup can take hours, if not days, especially if your customer data runs into hundreds of gigabytes. Selectively restoring only critical customer data, such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, while a full restore happens in the background, can enable you to resume business operations within minutes of a disaster. 

AutoRABIT Vault gives you flexible backup and restore options for Salesforce data. Automate full and incremental backups with single-click recovery to any point in the past, based on field, record, or full backup restore. Use Vault to put your Salesforce business continuity plan on steroids. 

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