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You Think All Data is Created Equal?

Is all data is created equal?

To put a personal spin on that question, think about your personal data – the type of car you drive, the brand of shoes you wear, your birthdate, your social security number, and your address. If the only thing someone knows about you is that you drive a Chevy and wear Crocs, they still can’t identify you in a crowd because a lot of people drive Chevys and wear Crocs.

But if someone knows your birthdate and social security number, they know enough to pretend to be you. They could open up a credit card account in your name then go on a shopping spree, leaving you holding the bag…uh, bill for their purchases. That’s called identity theft, and it’s a crime. According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, there were over 650,000 cases of identity theft reported in 2019.

If all data is created equal, then why isn’t there a public directory where you can look up someone’s social security number in the same manner that you can look up their phone number or address? That’s because social security numbers are what’s called PII, personally identifiable Information, and according to the Federal government, organizations are required to handle such information securely.

How equal is your company’s data?

Every company in existence today has data about their customers, their prospects, their partners, their business operations and more. And all of that data is important to helping the business run efficiently and grow. Recent studies have shown that 47% of enterprises have lost data in the cloud that needed to be restored, and that 66% of data recovery effort were unsuccessful. That’s some scary numbers. So how can you combat that and be prepared for possible data loss?

Salesforce recommends customers use third-party backup and recovery services. This is even more important now that Salesforce has deprecated its own recovery service.

You Need Vault Backup and Recovery

AutoRABIT, the leader in Salesforce Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for DevOps has the experience of completing hundreds of rollbacks and restores each month. AutoRABIT delivers Vault as a cloud-based backup and recovery solution leveraging this track record to provide bullet-proof, reliable backup. Vault is a purpose-built solution for Salesforce, backing up everything that makes your Salesforce instance unique – standard and custom objects, with relationships maintained; file attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles; and metadata. All with unlimited daily backups and the ability to backup only what’s changed.