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The Benefits of Integrating Salesforce + Vlocity in the Healthcare Industry

The Benefits of Integrating Salesforce + Vlocity in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry faces unique challenges—from lost patient information to repeat tests and hospital readmissions. Like any industry, robust and innovative digital solutions can alleviate many of these challenges. Integrating Salesforce and Vlocity can provide many actionable solutions for administrative and patient care challenges. 

Healthcare organizations can harness the power of Salesforce’s robust customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and Vlocity’s industry-specific solutions, creating a seamless operational ecosystem that drives exceptional patient experiences. This powerful integration has the potential to revolutionize patient management in healthcare, streamlining operational processes and, ultimately, delivering better patient care.

What Is Vlocity Healthcare?

Vlocity provides industry-specific cloud-based applications and solutions built on the Salesforce platform. This Salesforce integration focuses on helping healthcare operations streamline processes, improve patient engagement and enhance overall efficiency. Vlocity alone provides a suite of middle and front office functionality built on the Salesforce platform. It can power end-to-end business processes, from claims and billing to health plans. Users can connect frontline agents, back-office teams, and customers with components that support policy and benefit healthcare administration. 

Vlocity’s industry-specific tools allow healthcare professionals to address specific industry challenges effectively. It boasts highly configurable tools, prioritizing customers and users in every interaction. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help healthcare organizations better understand patients’ needs, their expectations change. When integrated with Salesforce, Vlocity is a powerful tool to meet those needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

12 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce + Vlocity for Healthcare

Innovative technology can revolutionize the healthcare industry in many ways, and integrating Salesforce and Vlocity benefits patients and healthcare organizations. Some of the many advantages of integrating Vlocity in Salesforce include the following:

1. Strengthening Patient Data Management

Strengthening Patient Data Management

Salesforce’s CRM abilities, combined with Vlocity’s industry-specific features, provide healthcare professionals with an effective management tool for patient information.

The Vlocity insurance data model—designed to work seamlessly with the Salesforce Health Cloud—simplifies enrollment, claims management, and benefit plans for customers and healthcare organizations. It provides a centralized hub to store and interact with patient data, allowing healthcare organizations to manage patient information efficiently. Streamlined data management, in turn, leads to better patient care and engagement.

2. Using Industry-Specific Data Models

Vlocity boasts several pre-built, industry-specific data models that users can configure to meet their needs. Healthcare organizations have specific data management needs, and these data models enable effective and efficient healthcare data management. This industry-specific functionality helps healthcare organizations deliver more targeted and compelling customer experiences.

3. Enjoying Scalability + Growth

Both Vlocity and Salesforce can scale to match the growth of healthcare organizations, whether you customize applications or use them from the Vlocity platform. Your organization can grow and change to meet ever-changing industry needs without compromising data integrity or security.

4. Customizing Patient Journeys

Integrating Vlocity and Salesforce allows healthcare organizations to tailor patient journeys and ensure each patient receives personalized interactions. Integrating data from various Salesforce sources and using Vlocity’s industry-specific data models gives healthcare professionals a 360-degree view of patient’s medical history, preferences, and interactions, enabling them to tailor patient journeys to suit specific needs.

The integration also allows healthcare organizations to segment patients based on chosen criteria and use personalized communication and engagement strategies for each segment. Organizations can send targeted health information, appointment reminders, and follow-up instructions to keep patients engaged and invested in their own health and recovery. Vlocity’s scheduling tools, integrated with Salesforce, empower patients to schedule appointments online, providing a convenient alternative for patients and simplifying scheduling for healthcare providers. 

5. Improving Workflow Efficiency

Significant administrative responsibilities often hamper healthcare professionals. Integrating Salesforce and Vlocity allows organizations to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as prescription refills, billing, claims processing, and follow-up appointments. The integration reduces the need for manual data entry and the chance of human error, creating standardized workflows that promote consistency throughout the organization.

Automation enables proactive engagement with patients and frees healthcare professionals to focus on patient care, increasing efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction.

6. Enhancing Communication + Care Coordination

Enhancing Communication + Care Coordination

Salesforce and Vlocity integration can facilitate fluid communication between healthcare providers, fostering collaboration and coordinated patient care. Care coordination is a critical aspect of healthcare, and a Salesforce and Vlocity integration can elevate coordinated care efforts in the following ways:

  • Unified patient records: Integration provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive view of patient care through unified records. There are no missing pieces, and any healthcare provider has access to a complete medical history of each patient, regardless of when they start treatment.
  • Efficient communication: Salesforce and Vlocity integration supports real-time communication among all healthcare providers, from doctors and nurses to specialists. Access to real-time patient information enables quick and collaborative decision-making, leading to thorough and efficient patient care.
  • Personalized care plans: Integrated platforms support creating and managing customized care plans to meet patient needs and preferences. Care team members can collaborate in setting and working toward treatment goals and track patient progress to ensure everyone is working toward the same objectives for each patient. 
  • Coordinated scheduling: For patients receiving multiple tests and undergoing different treatments, integrated systems can coordinate these activities to avoid schedule clashes and repeat tests. They can also share results to ensure everyone is up to date with the patient’s status.
  • Streamlined transition of care: Information can get lost when patients transition from one care setting to another. Integrating Vlocity and Salesforce takes the guesswork out of the transition of care, providing seamless transfer of patient information, even from a treatment facility to a home care setting, minimizing the risk of errors, and preventing communication gaps that could adversely affect patient care.

7. Engaging Patients

Customers today expect an engaging and personalized experience in many interactions, and healthcare is no different. Vlocity’s industry-specific cloud and mobile software embed digital and omnichannel processes, enabling the caliber of knowledge that leads to improved patient engagement and satisfaction. Vlocity health insurance solutions—integrated with Salesforce—create more efficient engagement processes for healthcare organizations. Support agents and administrators can resolve issues faster, enhancing patient satisfaction.

With Vlocity integrated into Salesforce, you can empower patients to take an active role in their health and recovery by creating robust and targeted patient campaigns. Vlocity’s powerful analytics capabilities deepen your insights into patient behavior, enabling you to refine your patient engagement strategies. With Vlocity, you can anticipate patient concerns and provide time-sensitive and personalized solutions, from appointment and checkup reminders to post-treatment home care protocols.

Vlocity’s omnichannel engagement enables healthcare organizations to engage with patients and customers across all channels, including built-in chat, email, and social media. This omnichannel engagement eliminates many pitfalls of cross-channel communication, such as patients receiving repeat messages in different tones. Instead, patients can expect a consistent and seamless experience, which is essential to improve overall satisfaction.

8. Streamlining Claims + Billing

When Vlocity is integrated with Salesforce, all patient data is stored in one accessible hub, including treatment codes, billing information, and insurance details. Healthcare organizations can use Vlocity health insurance solutions to connect critical member touchpoints and streamline engagements. When patients schedule appointments, the system conducts automated checks in real-time to ensure they have active coverage.

Vlocity integration can also automate the pre-authorization and authorization process. The system can generate and submit authorization requests based on the prescribed treatment plan for each patient, accelerating the approval process and reducing delays in patient care. It can also create and submit detailed post-treatment claims, reducing errors in claims submissions and freeing up healthcare administrators to focus on patient care.

Integrated systems can generate patient bills and statements based on approved claims using automatic coding and billing capabilities. Patients receive accurate itemized bills, and the system can send statements and reminders to settle outstanding balances.

9. Boosting Accessibility

Salesforce and Vlocity integrations can change how users access information in the healthcare industry. Accessibility is critical, and the integration can enhance accessibility in several ways, some of which include:

  • Creating a unified interface: Salesforce CRM capabilities combined with Vlocity’s industry-specific features can make a unified interface where users can access all the necessary tools, data, and functionalities from a single platform.
  • Enjoying mobile accessibility: Vlocity and Salesforce integration extends to mobile applications so that healthcare professionals can access patient records, treatment plans, communication history, and other relevant data from their mobile devices.
  • Patient portals: Salesforce Vlocity can provide patient portals where they can access their own health and treatment information and take a proactive approach to their health.

10. Leveraging Data-Driven Insights

Combining the power of Salesforce and Vlocity gives healthcare organizations access to advanced analytics and reporting. With a wealth of actionable data, organizations can measure outcomes against predefined key performance indicators and operational efficiency metrics. As a result, they can leverage data-driven insights to elevate decision-making and streamline operations such as patient flow and wait times.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools from Salesforce and Vlocity allow users to generate custom reports, uncover trends that inform strategic decisions, and identify opportunities for improvement in several areas, including patient care and satisfaction. Users can also incorporate the power of AI with predictive analytics models, helping them anticipate patient needs, optimize resource allocation, and plan for patient surges.

These tools can also track patient engagement with online portals and applications. The insights gathered from patient engagement data can help healthcare professionals understand patient preferences and tailor future engagement strategies to reflect these preferences.

Access to actionable data goes beyond improving tangible processes. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement by consistently highlighting opportunities for improvement, helping healthcare organizations adapt quickly to ever-changing industry demands, and strengthening relationships with stakeholders and patients.

11. Maintaining Compliance

Maintaining Compliance

Data compliance is critical in healthcare, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare institutions to protect sensitive patient health information with robust data security.

Vlocity includes features that can help healthcare organizations manage and secure sensitive patient data, including encryption and strong access controls. These measures—specific to healthcare—can help organizations maintain compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy regulations. Integrating Vlocity also helps organizations track and manage patient consent for data collection and sharing.

In addition, Vlocity can assist with other compliance areas, such as standardizing patient data. It also offers audit trail and logging capabilities, allowing organizations to track user activities and changes to patient records. This easy-to-follow audit trail boosts transparency and accountability, both essential for compliance.

Vlocity can also provide alerts and notifications about changes that impact healthcare compliance, and a robust combination of reporting and analytics tools can be leveraged to monitor compliance-related metrics.

12. Reducing Costs

Integrating Vlocity improves the overall efficiency and productivity in healthcare organizations, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on managing patient care. This streamlined workflow boosts the organization’s bottom line and increases patient satisfaction, making them more likely to recommend the organization to friends and colleagues. Automating processes reduces the chances of potentially expensive human error, and data-driven decision-making allows optimal resource allocation and predictive planning.

Elevating patient engagement also has the potential to reduce costs. For example, personalized communications remind patients to adhere to treatment plans and attend follow-up appointments, reducing hospital readmissions and eliminating associated expenses. Streamlining the billing and claims process reduces the effort of hospital administrators to process insurance claims, resulting in quicker reimbursements and reduced administrative costs.

The Future of Healthcare in the Digital Age

AI and machine learning have changed the face of healthcare, both in administration and patient care. Tools like Vlocity and Salesforce go beyond streamlining operations and provide healthcare organizations with critical patient data, allowing healthcare professionals to understand patient needs and provide more personalized care.

These innovations have far-reaching implications. Minimizing the effects of human error and having a 360-degree patient view can save lives. A unified, accessible interface, updated in real-time, can keep every healthcare professional one step ahead of patient care, engaging patients in their preferred methods, reminding them of appointments, assisting with insurance claims, and encouraging them to be proactive in getting—and staying healthy.

Healthcare professionals can spend more time focusing on their principal concerns—elevating patient care and working towards the best possible outcomes for each patient.

Streamline the Salesforce Vlocity Integration Procedure With AutoRABIT

Streamline the Salesforce Vlocity Integration Procedure With AutoRABIT

Salesforce and Vlocity are robust tools that can improve processes and address challenges in the healthcare industry. Successful integration requires a clear strategy and collaboration between technical teams and healthcare professionals to ensure success. AutoRABIT can help streamline the integration, automating the deployment and delivery processes of Salesforce and Vlocity applications.

The simplest way to install Vlocity is as a plugin on AutoRABIT. You can also install the Vlocity installation assistant through the Vlocity health package information in Salesforce. With AutoRABIT, you can rest assured that updates, new features, and enhancements are seamlessly integrated, maintaining the stability and reliability of your integrated Salesforce-Vlocity solution.

Our suite of products for DevOps teams can help you maintain control of your development cycles, ensure regulatory compliance and prioritize patient care. Schedule a demo today to see the power of AutoRABIT firsthand.

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