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AutoRABIT’s Success Marks the Beginning of the End for Traditional CI Tooling !!!

There have been few Continuous Integration Tools that has popped in the last decade with buzz words around empowering agile developments , aiming at continuous delivery of software etc.,  and tools like Jenkins , TeamCity have found acceptance from the market compared to others – but a detailed analysis on how the software has evolved and compared to how CI infrastructure has evolved – there is a huge gap in expectations.

The development world is no longer about just producing WAR files or DLLs and nor the deployments is dumping a archive into some application server’s web apps folder.

The development world has moved from traditional models to more Cloud driven , Workflow driven , Mobile driven application development platforms  – but CI tooling just does n’t want to listen to it or adapt to it.

The recent discontinuation of a release automation tool Liverebel by Zero Turn around , the recent Forrester report on the usage of software development best practices  – raises questions on the degree of success of traditional CI tooling .

Some highlights of the report below :

40% of development teams use CI process more than monthly once or never  – It is a big joke within itself – since the model would not be termed as CI at all. It is as good as stating 40% of teams still not do have CI process or the current tooling just doesn’t help them reach there.

47% of development teams do not have automated testing – And we talk about Chrome releasing every few weeks promising to break atleast one of the existing functionalities in the application , IE continues to deliver IE 10 , IE 11 , IE12 etc., along Safari and Firefox . So, how do we ensure that the application is working properly in multiple browser environments . ?

56% of teams deploy to the their various release environments monthly like QA , UAT etc., once a month or later – and it can be only a myth when we talk about continous deployments and continous delivery with every one and two companies hardly able to deploy even manually once in a month.

Alarming is that – 20% of development teams never does a process driven deployment into a cloud environment and other 20% do with a frequency between 1-3 months.

The facts are illustrated in the image snapshot from Forrester Report .

AutoRABIT with its CI framework designed meet the various target development platform specific needs is the way forward for CI tooling and infrastructure to succeed in meeting the business demands.

Watch out this space to know more about how AutoRABIT can help evolve better Continuous delivery for enterprise ahead of other CI tools in the market .

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