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Skyline comes with no “Big Bend”, in fact we straightened up the rough patches

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a trouble right when you felt everything was going great. This happens very often not just in life but also when you’re in the middle of an SDLC and especially if you’re a Developer or worse, a release manager waiting for a miracle release date. And we all naturally want to fix that problem, whatever’s annoying us. That is why we know it’s right investment in having a dedicated customer support where we get to know all those things which you want us to fix, right away!

But wait, this update will not solve all those problems that you’d been planning to write to Santa this Christmas. But yes, you’ll notice very soon that you’ve been sighing less and breathing more!

Some of those that we ourselves were glad working on were…

Feels like free fall from Niagara: Now your workflow doesn’t get buffered; hands down, better support for Salesforce API 44.0

Production bug fixes

We’ve put you in a Black Vault: If systems had missile technology and had enough sense to detect waves from your code, even then it won’t be able to encrypt it, that strong we made the security this time for DataloaderPro.

Cloak of invisibility: Whatever it was that you did not want to exist, IP Ranges and User Permissions from Profiles OR AutoRABITExtId from version control; we cloaked it all for you

Loved when you were pampered? Rest assured you’d never get spoilt over this with extensive support for Vlocity builds. Even dynamically packaged Vlocity components. There you go, Happy builds, automated!

EZ Commits

Though what’s completely new is we’ve achieved Webhook support for Bitbucket Stash, but what we’re proud of is that the Ez-commits are made so much easier with more search options, commit history and logger improvements.

Well, it doesn’t end here. Our cats have been on an expedition to leave no corner undiscovered and fixed a couple of more bugs for you. Look at the Release notes and tell us how the house looks after they’ve left with no litters.

3 Take aways:

  • Deploying delta changes between revision numbers is not possible elsewhere
  • Developing without AutoRABIT is not possible for a peace-lover like me
  • Going through another interesting blog is not possible without a Coffee break now

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