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AutoRABIT Revolutionizes the Salesforce Test Automation

The best of matured Salesforce development teams having processes in place would invariably appreciate the fact that Test Automation is invaluable to bringing stability to enterprise applications in an Organization .
But , the fact remains that there is wide degree of gap between appreciation vs adoption .
While most teams appreciate test automation as the way to go , the adoption of test automation as a practice into the release management process is not as expected in reality.
In one of our short survey with some of our existing clients – as to what is stopping them from creating regression test bed for their applications , automate the testing of applications in multiple release environments .
Three distinct reasons – which are kind of unanswered for years still exist.

1. Test Automation requires specialized test resources and we cannot get additional budgets for it .

2. The Test Scripts are like code and needs constant upgrade , maintenance and it would not save any extra cents .

3. The data is pushed into the test script and if we want to run the test case on a different release environment or want to run the test case on our staging data  – we have to keep changing some property files , sometimes scripts etc.,

If you agree that these are the top-3 constraints in adopting test automation , the AutoRABIT Test Automation Factory [ TAF ] for Salesforce is probably the solution that you are looking for.

AutoRABIT Test Automation Factory for Salesforce has the following components that can take the test automation to a next level in an enterprise.

1. Curing engine for  seamless test script recording and Playback . Business users themselves can automate tests now !!

A faster way to create automated tests for the application is to be able to record the test case and play it back on multiple environments. However, a test case recorded with Selenium for Salesforce does not play back seamlessly due to certain limitations with look-up fields, Picklists in Orgs, dynamic IDs [more visible in Service Cloud].

The curing engine component of the Test Automation Factory in AutoRABIT runs through the test case recorded with a Selenium recorder, fixes the potential play-back issues, and transforms the test cases to support the play-back mode.

2. Data Extraction – Separate data from your test script 

The Data extraction component separates the data from the test case logic, thus making them reusable test cases.

You can add more data sets as rows to the existing data like changing the release environment to run the same test case on a different release environment or running with different Pick list values or with data set extracted from a Data Loader.

3.  Test Generation

Once data is separated from the test case , the test case becomes more a template that can hold varying data sets . This enables to generate multiple test cases for different sets or environments dynamically on the fly.

If you are interested to see the demonstration of how the pain points are addressed with AutoRABIT Test Automation for salesforce , please write to us at

If you have more suggestion on how to further increase adoption for test automation , please feel free to comment this blog or write to .

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