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AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro – The Next Generation Data Loader for Salesforce !!!

With it 3.3.3 release , AutoRABIT has brought about a new dimension to the way data loading is done with the present set of tooling around with its latest offering AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro.

While the AutoRABIT Data Loader provides the more traditional data loader capabilities supporting the CRUD operations like Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, etc.,  Data Loader Pro takes the data loading process to a higher level of automation providing more power to Salesforce administrators .

With AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro, a Salesforce administrator can do the following :

1. Choose an object for data loading.

2. Data Loader Pro will list the parent and mutli-level children associated with the selected object.

3. Multiple filters can be added to get even more granulated information .

[A classic use case from an administrator from a  leading medical device technology company that they use AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro to fetch all the patient details like cases, contacts etc., state-wise and move them into a separate sandbox which will be used conveniently by their analytics team . It sure makes us feel product n’t it ? ]

4. This complex data loading operation can be saved and scheduled as a process to run at multiple times .

Once, this process is run, AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro takes care of extracting records from the selected object as well as its parent and children, create the auto map for the fields internally, update the external IDs and then load the data into the destination Sandbox . The results are also available on the dashboard as shown below.

The de-duplication feature available in Data Loader Pro makes it the icing on the cake for the Salesforce Administrators.

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