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AutoRABIT 3.5 DreamForce Release – Feature Set1

With close to 3 weeks to go for DreamForce ’15 , AutoRABIT 3.5 has been released for all our early adopters community to get your hands-on on our 3.5 release for a shout out at DreamForce. Here comes the feature-set1 . Feature-set of the DreamForce release is expected to release in a week time .

AutoRABIT 3.5 DreamForce release happens to be the one of the most feature-rich release ever with several enhancements, customizations and a fix pack as well.

Key highlights of AutoRABIT 3.5 DreamForce release.

  1. ”Easy Commits “ – Commit to your GIT or Subversion [SVN ] right from AutoRABIT

If as part of development process you are planning to adopt to version control like GIT or Subversion – but the tools like Eclipse, IDE Plug-ins , GIT Clients or your Tortoise SVN clients are not making sense and look all too complicated especially for administrators who prefer to work in their Sandbox for their configuration changes – we have a better solution now with AutoRABIT. With this feature, Salesforce SVN integration, Salesforce GIT integration are more seamless now for development teams using AutoRABIT

With AutoRABIT as an easy thin-client for your version control, you can see the changes done in your sandbox in AutoRABIT, enter a comment , choose a branch to commit and there you go . The changes will be committed to version control on your name.

  1. Selective Test Execution

Accelerate your Salesforce Test Automation Effort with this awesome selective test execution .

You can now choose your Sandbox , select the test you wish to run – Apex Test Classes as well as functional tests and run them and you have tests results dashboard and code coverage reports available in AutoRABIT .

  1. Enhanced Deployment Filters

The selective metadata deployment feature has been further strengthened with more additional filters . You can now choose the managed packaged changes , move the changes from a particular date or last modified by a particular user as well as add/modify metadata members to a label making your deployments more friendly.

More details of the features will be in the product documentation as you log-in to AutoRABIT.

  1. Data Loading Step integrated into your Salesforce Test Automation set up.

A Salesforce Continuous Integration or a Salesforce Continuous Delivery is never complete without an integrated data loading step that sets up test data in your test environment before running the automated tests.

The advantage with an end-to-end Salesforce release management suite like AutoRABIT is that it makes it all easier to plug-in those all important steps into your Salesforce continuous integration process set up.

With AutoRABIT parent-child based Advanced Data Loader, you move the complex manual operations like KAV objects, attachments, users, etc., from one Salesforce sandbox to another in automated manner.

AutoRABIT has the framework support for the post-build and post-deploy activities to be performed based on your needs as shown below :

Some of the key post-build events that AutoRABIT supports which can be extended as well.

  1. Send out email notification on the success or failure of a build, or a merge conflict or a commit failure in version control.
  2. Trigger deployment into destination, only if the code coverage in a source is greater than 75% or so.
  3. Trigger additional jobs on the success of a particular continuous integration job.

Some of the key post-deploy activities that are supported include the following:

  1. Notifications to team members for deployment failures with detailed reports.
  2. Trigger a Salesforce Data Loader job that initializes your test environment with required data set before the Salesforce test execution gets triggered.

Please write to for any additional information about our AutoRABIT 3.5 release or you can also write to if you wish to play around with this feature set .

You can also register in AutoRABIT for your license to get access to all the major features in AutoRABIT that can make your Salesforce release management process a breeze .

We also have special offers for DreamForce’15 with licensing and feel free to reach out to us to experience streamlined Salesforce Release Management with AutoRABIT.

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