Automated Release Management for Salesforce

Faster Deployments. Shorter Lead Times. Enhanced Salesforce Development.

Total Automation for Your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline

AutoRABIT ARM delivers automated DevOps tools custom-built for Salesforce, including the fastest CI/CD solution, static code analysis, and much more. Our platform scales with growing teams and handles the complexity of coordinating across multiple Salesforce orgs. Enjoy guaranteed successful deployments and best-in-class support for security, risk, and compliance management.

One-Click Deployments

  • Includes permission sets, workflows, and triggers
  • Avoid headaches with auto-testing, pre-deploy dry runs, and instant rollbacks 
  • Deploy differences-only (30x faster) without having to take manual snapshots

Zero-Configuration DevOps

  •  Create end-to-end CI jobs and configurations—no coding required
  • Simple interface to Commit, Merge, Test, and Deploy configuration changes configuration changes 
  • Eliminate the need to set up Salesforce-specific tools in individual developer systems

No More Fires to Put Out

  • Auto-testing and validation catch issues before they snowball
  • Seamless integration with all major testing tools and version control systems
  • Easy merge process to avoid conflicts without coding

Keep Sandboxes in Sync

  • Automatically keep sandboxes in sync without refreshes
  • Load data without hand-selecting dependencies
  • Load masked data for testing

Best Automated DevOps Solution for Salesforce

Deployment Automation
  • Deliver a structured release process for Salesforce
  • Deploy directly from your Salesforce Org or Version Control System
  • Eliminate deployment failures with automatic org profile validation
Test Automation
  • Test automation framework for Salesforce reduces time and cost
  • Integration with most existing test tools—Selenium, Provar, and ACCELQ
  • Quick feedback for testers and developers ensuring high code quality
Data Loader Pro
  • Full-featured data migration for Salesforce—eliminates complexity
  • Able to handle the transfer of millions of records
  • Ensure data integrity between source and destination environments
Version Control
  • Manage and merge branches of code from multiple developers
  • Leverage metadata to identify, merge, and commit code across orgs with predefined auto-commit rules
  • Works with most existing version control systems
Sandbox Management
  • Easily synchronize releases across geographically disparate sandboxes
  • Schedule sandbox backups and manage data to remove redundancies
  • Comprehensive logs and reports related to deployments and changes
AutoRABIT Salesforce DX
  • Enhance the Salesforce DX experience sandboxes
  • Easy graphical interface as an alternative to the command line interface
  • Create powerful contextual Scratch Orgs

The Automation Effect: Streamlining DevSecOps in 2021

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