AR Vault

Enabling enterprises to easily backup and restore data in
                   Production and Sandbox environments.

Digital business environment generates enormous amounts of data that can be utilized to make business-critical decisions, set organizational goals, and deliver great customer experience. Enterprises working on the Salesforce platform are advised to devise a data backup and recovery strategy to protect data against any unwarranted loss.

AutoRABIT Vault (ARVault) is an unparalleled, comprehensive data backup and recovery solution, built on Salesforce Lightning. ARVault streamlines and automates Salesforce data, simplifies data backup challenges, and offers disaster recovery and endpoint data protection on Cloud.

Unlimited Storage,
Cost-effective, Scalable

Highly-reliable data center architecture for unlimited data backup, scalability, availability and responsiveness

Quick Recovery
with Minimal Effort

Find specific records easily
by searching your entire backup archive at click of a button

Business Continuity

Reliable turnaround plan for a quick restore, safeguarding business continuity in case of a disaster

Enterprise Control

Maintain data privacy and security with relevant security compliance, regulations and audit standards

Automated daily backups of Salesforce data in a secured and centralized data center with unlimited storage.


  • Capture consistent data with incremental ‘forever’ Backups
  • On-Demand Backup
  • Data Protection Index
  • Support for all metadata including Custom Objects,Chatter attachments/feeds, and metadata (workflows, reports, Apex code, etc.)

Archived data from any date in the past can be restored by a single click, maintaining relational integrity, whenever needed.


  • Restore to same Org (Production) and/or other Sandbox (Full Copy Sandbox, etc.) **
  • Restore based on a Field, Record, Full Backup Snapshot
  • Restore metadata hierarchy and data relationships alongwith ancestry
  • Export to other database**

Extensive summary reports based on your search/queries. Gives you real-time alerts, as well as historical reports of who performed what and when in your Salesforce Orgs.


  • Activity History – Summary of A/M/D records per Object
  • Time-based/ User-based Analytics
  • Search for a record’s history across Users/Objects, includingrelationships
  • View Diff across Backup Snapshots
  • Compare your data across multiple Orgs

Business continuity is taken care of with secured data recovery and replication in no time while abiding by the Salesforce API governor limits.


  • Stay operational even when Salesforce service goes down
  • Delete/Archive data from Salesforce based on a timeline
  • Set API threshold to optimize data backup
  • Configurable Custom Alerts
  • Option to decouple Infrastructure***
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Advanced encryption algorithms to secure your data in transit and storage. Compliance with IT security audits, assessments, data privacy regulations, standards and certifications across domains – Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, etc.


  • IP Restriction and Encrypted Snapshots
  • No restriction on number of backups per day*
  • Data Masking while reproducing to a different Sandbox**
  • Industry standard certifications

* Based on API Calls Available     ** Pricing Tier will be different     *** Consultation required for pricing

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