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Accelerate Salesforce Application Testing with AutoRABIT

With AutoRABIT – you can now choose your sandbox, choose your Apex Tests or selenium Tests to run and run them to get real-time log reports and the code coverage report . This can significantly improve your speed of testing since you need not run the entire test classes or functional tests in case of a reported bug or test failure.
As seen below, one can select the tests to run , choose the browsers to run the tests [in case of functional testing] , select the code coverage option if needed and you can mark the selected the test classes to run on a schedule as well .

Salesforce Test Automation can be accelerated to a much higher level with 3-step Test Automation Factory in AutoRABIT.

  • Test Transformation: Record the tests with utilities like Selenium IDE , upload them to AutoRABIT. AutoRABIT has its all-powerful curing engine that can fix playback problems on the fly and transforms the test case into a standard automated test which can play back seamlessly on multiple release environments .
  • Test Mapping: The uploaded test can be mapped to your test plans like QA or UAT or can be added to your Continuous Integration Jobs . You can also categorize your tests as platinum, gold etc., so that you can run a particular set tests alone if needed.
  • Test Execution: The Mapped test cases can be scheduled to execute along with Salesforce Continuous Integration Jobs that package deploy and tests as well as run just a set of selected tests alone when needed.

The selected test execution gives a perfect dashboard that you real-time information the tests that are in progress , the test results by category , the overall percentage , and the detailed error reports in case of any failures as seen below.

For the Apex Classes that are run in this iteration , the Code Coverage report is also generated . The Code Coverage gives detailed report of Class Coverage and Test Coverage as seen below .

Salesforce Test Automation has never been so easy with the simplest form of record-and-play back doing the work addressing the traditional hurdles of test automation requiring specialized teams and complex code maintainability.

For more technical details about AutoRABIT Test Automation Factory , please reach out to , if you wish to play with our Test Automation Factory for accelerated Salesforce Test Automation , please write to

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