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10 Reasons Why AutoRABIT Salesforce Data Loader is a Powerful Tool for Administrators!!!

Here are the top-10 reasons our clients rate AutoRABIT Salesforce Data Loader as the best Salesforce Data Loader around supporting Platform

  1. Scheduling support  : Login to your Org, Choose your objects [ Standard and custom objects ] , choose your operation [ Extract , insert , update , upsert , delete ]  and schedule the job as well as run on-demand .
  2. Web-based : AutoRABIT Salesforce Data Loader is web-based tool  unlike its peers which are standalone entities that need to access the machine where the tool is installed with the same user log-in
  3. Relationship based Data loading :  In addition to a single object – we can move all the parents and children of that object with relationships at one instance so that there will not be look-up issues or validation errors. This is what we call as Information loading 
  4. Data Integrity Check : checks for metadata integrity between Source and destination and alerts users if there is any difference in integrity check so that we will not get too many errors in data loading operations.Since automated metadata deployment is also integrated into RABIT , if required we can do one more deployment of metadata to bring the consistency between the source and destination Sandboxes  / Orgs .
  5. Filter your Data : There is a provision to put filters on the data to be extracted , say to fetch the first 200 rows or data of a particular province etc., so that we have more control over the data loading operation
  6. Data Loader History : The results of data extraction and insertion are available as a history so that we can look  at the results incase of any issues in future.
  7. Error Reporting : The detailed reasons , if any , incase of any failure at the time of data loader operation during insertion are available on the AutoRABIT Data Loader page on AutoRABIT itself .
  8. Handle Circular References : There is a special provision for handling circular references in the data loader operations rather  breaking the relationships between objects thereby causing the inconsistency in data.
  9. No need to disable components : Triggers and Validation rules need not be disabled at the time of data loader operation.
  10. Multiple Data Loading Operations in Parallel : Being Web-based engine – you can schedule multiple data loading operations in parallel for different destination organizations or Sandboxes.

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