Salesforce Deployment Automation – Continuous Deployment Tool

Deploying from one Salesforce Org to another and deployments to various release environments like QA, UAT, or staging is always challenging, time-consuming and requires substantial manual effort.

AutoRABIT’s one-click deployment ensures metadata changes are easily deployed to multiple environments from a source.

Deploy directly from your Salesforce Org, version control system and package.xml
Full deployments enable you to deploy all the objects of a Salesforce Org to the destination
Selective deployment enables you to promote only the selected metadata types in a Salesforce Org
For full profiles during deployment, profiles are automatically validated, removing any components that do not exist in the destination Org. This prevents the deployment from failing
Rollback the changes that have been made to the metadata
Validation report to ensure a successful deployment
Easy-to-understand deployment logs for future analysis
Rapid changes to reduce deployment failures

AutoRABIT supports five types of deployments Automation

Sandbox-to-Sandbox deployments
Deployments using AutoRABIT builds
Deployments using Package.xml files
Deployments using a previously deployed build and deploying it again into a new destination
Deployments using Version Control Revision Number

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